Day in the Life of a Freshman

Get ready to take a journey through a typical day in the life of a freshman at CUA. We’ll start with Wednesdays, because in my opinion, Wednesdays are the most exciting day of the week! For me, routine is an essential part of being successful at CUA. I open my eyes every day at approximately 8:07am. Why 8:07, you ask? Well, I like to be out of bed by 8:10 and with these distinct 3-minutes, I have just enough time to transition from waking up to getting up! I then get dressed to leave my room for breakfast by 8:23am. Why 8:23? Because I like to be on my way to the Pryz (our student center and home of the Student Restaurant) by 8:25. It’s then that I meet some friends for breakfast; after all, it is the most important meal of the day. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m a pretty on-time kind of guy, and with my first class at 9:10 am, I have to strategically plan when I will leave the Pryz. You guessed it: I’m taking my dirty breakfast dishes to the rack to be cleaned at precisely 8:53am because I like to be outside and on the move to class by 8:55.

Now comes the real exciting part of my day: classes! I start with Theology, which is part of the First Year Experience program here at CUA. Every freshman is required to take one semester of English, one of Theology, and two semesters of Philosophy. You take these courses with your assigned learning community, or “LC” as it is commonly referred to, and you stay with your LC for those four courses the entirety of your freshman year. Following Theology is Philosophy, and then Media Studies. I’m a Media Studies major, and the program here at Catholic has so much to offer as far as internships and hands-on experiences. Finally, to end the day I have a math course at 3:40pm.

With classes complete, what could I possibly do with the rest of my time on this beautiful Wednesday? Naturally, I do my homework, and while studying and homework are a huge part of going to college, I’m not going to bore you with the specifics of my assignments. Instead, I’ll give you some insight on the plethora (good SAT word, high school juniors!) of opportunities that CUA has to offer as far as activities for your free time. One of my favorites is Program Board’s Open Mic Night, which does conveniently take place on Wednesdays roughly once-a-month each semester. They’re held in the Starbucks in the Pryz, and I perform stand-up comedy each month; it’s always a blast performing in front of such an awesome crowd of fellow students! Another reason to love Wednesdays: Eucharistic Adoration. It’s a great way to de-stress from the workload of the week and spend an hour worshipping God with my peers. Adoration is offered every Wednesday at 9:00 pm in Caldwell Chapel, the oldest and most beautiful chapel on campus. Seriously, the stained-glass alone is enough the take your breath away. The rest of my night usually consists of hanging out with my friends, watching a movie, playing video games, and wrapping up that homework. The most crucial part of the night, bar none, is getting to bed at the right time: 12:00am midnight. Why 12:00 am, you ask? Because I wake up at 8:07 and everyone knows you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep! So, there you have it: a day in the life of a CUA freshman.







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