Getting Involved on Campus

Catholic has countless clubs and student organizations that will help you meet tons of people with similar interests and feel such a sense of community here. From two great acapella groups to Program Board, which plans on-campus events, to countless cultural clubs. CUA’s got it all.

I myself am a member of Custos, a group dedicated to maintaining CUA traditions. As mentioned earlier, my role in Custos is to take our mascot Red all over campus to different events and games. Custos has allowed me to meet a number of people who love CUA just as much as I do and who are committed to helping cultivate school spirit. One of my favorite Custos events is called “Club Leahy.” This event is held during midterms and finals week each semester in the building where students typically study. There’s music and loads of snacks (because snacks are important in life, especially when cramming for exams). Students will typically come to Club Leahy for a few minutes and chat with some friends (and eat some snacks, of course) to take a break from their studies. I love Club Leahy because not only is it a time for me to see my friends and chat with them during two of the busiest weeks of the semester, but it’s also an opportunity for me to brighten the week of my classmates.

But Custos is just one of the ways I am involved on campus. I also attend weekly Campus Ministry events, like House Mass and Friday night events with the House. House Mass is a small and intimate mass held every Tuesday evening inside The House, which is where some of our student ministers live. House Mass gives me a chance to relax, refocus, and find perspective in my busy schedule.

The Friday night events are fun and low cost (or sometimes free!) activities either on or off campus aimed at giving students fun things to do. I’ve gone ice skating at the sculpture garden, to a National’s baseball game,Virginia Blog #2 photo and attended a concert at a venue downtown – each for under $10. Not only are the activities themselves affordable and loads of fun, but they have also led me to meet so many great people that I now consider some of my closest friends.

Whatever your interests or passions may be, you’ll certainly find people and organizations at Catholic that share your same interests and will provide you with that sense of community at Catholic that we value here.



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