How Catholic Is Catholic?

I can still remember the first time I heard of Catholic University—I was researching schools with my mom and she said, “What about The Catholic University of America? They have the major you’re interested in and they’re Division Three!” My first reaction was, “Nope! No chance.” I’m not Catholic, so I immediately thought it wasn’t a fit.

I had never seen the campus or even looked at the website when I first heard of the University. The reason I reacted so quickly was because upon hearing the name, I didn’t think The Catholic University of America (CUA) was the right school for me. Fast forward five years later and I could not be happier with my decision to attend CUA. I still feel as though I am a part of the campus community despite the fact that I am Methodist. In addition to being a Cardinal Ambassador, I am a defender on the women’s lacrosse team and I am a member of the honors program.


Volunteering is a large part of being a member of the lacrosse team. Together, with other teams and Campus Ministry, we plan different service events to reach out to the community. Halloween on Campus and Brookland Field Day are two of my favorites because we invite elementary-aged students living in the neighborhood around CUA to come to campus. It’s always rewarding to know that I’m positively impacting the community in which I joined when I became a student here.

Once further investigating Catholic University, I realized that as a student at CUA, I would be required to take a certain number of Theology electives. However, the great part about this University is there are so many different classes I can take in order to fulfill those requirements. Last fall I decided to take Introduction to Judaism, and I loved the class! It was really interesting for me to be able to learn about a religion outside of the Christian denomination. I was able to learn about the history of Judaism from its roots all the way to the holidays which are still celebrated today. CUA is obviously a Catholic-affiliated school, and has ties to The Vatican, but there is an appreciation, and an acceptance of all backgrounds.

When I originally heard of The Catholic University of America, I was very skeptical that I would not fit in and there would not be a place for me at the school. Now, as a rising senior here, I cannot even fathom the thought that a year from now I will have to leave the school that I consider to be my second home.

Julia is a senior from Reading, Massachusetts. She studies Electrical Engineering, and her favorite museum in the city is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. You can catch her this summer giving tours as a Cardinal Ambassador when you visit campus!

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