Falling in Love at Catholic

I have been a Cardinal since day one. My parents, Mike and Maria, met at CUA their senior year in 1990. The first time I visited CUA, I was about 12 years old. I remember really enjoying being in DC. It was the first time I had ever been to the monuments or seen the Capitol Building; little did I know that about seven years later, I would be a student at CUA and interning in the Capitol Building. I remember making jokes about moving down to DC one day, but that was back in my childhood before I really gave the future much thought.

 When I started my college hunt, I knew that I wanted to be in a city but also wanted a big campus and a lot of the time those two things are very difficult to find at the same university. CUA had the perfect mix of campus and city that I had been looking for so that made it number one on my list.

CUA has given me memories to last a lifetime and has given me an environment to grow as a person. There is also something special about being on the campus where my parents met. My mom lived in Centennial Village her senior year and I actually ended up living there my freshman year in the same exact dorm, Camalier. As we unpacked my things from the car freshman year I could tell she was feeling so nostalgic to be walking around in those halls year later.

Still to this day, whenever my parents visit me at CUA they tell me all these facts about Catholic and the DC area. They tell me about how the Pryz (our student center) never existed and how Crowe use to be their gym instead of the School of Architecture. These little facts and fun stories help me now as a tour guide because I have some special insight into the past on campus.

Fall 2015 was my parents’ 25th college reunion and my dad was actually able to come down for the weekend of Homecoming. He introduced me to many alumni and it was amazing to see their faces light up as they caught the eye of an old friend and classmate. They were all amazed about how much I look like a redheaded-version of my mother and could not believe that I was already in my junior year of college. Seeing everyone reconnect made me imagine what it is going to be like when I graduate and no longer live right next door to my friends.

That Homecoming weekend was very special to me as well because I was nominated to beKatie's blog 2 on the Homecoming Court. During the halftime of the football game all the nominees were brought out onto the field and they announced the winners of each year. When my name was announced not only were my friends cheering for me, but the entire alumni section cheered for me, too. It was a very fun weekend and I was lucky to be able to spend it with my dad. This experience showed me how the CUA community continues after graduation for many years to come.

I’ve come a long way since the first time I visited CUA as a child. Fast-forward several years and I now find myself preparing for my senior year at CUA and cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.

Katie is a senior psychology major and international business minor from New York. She studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland, in the Spring 2016, and she recommends all incoming students to think about studying abroad in their time at CUA.


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