Becoming a Cardinal: Better Late Than Never!

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Hey, everyone! My name is Angelica and this fall I’ll be starting my senior year here at The Catholic University of America. It’s hard to adjust to the fact that I’m entering my last year of college since this is actually only the fourth semester I’ll have been at CUA. I spent my freshman year at a large state university close to home before transferring to CUA, and my junior year I studied abroad in Athens for a semester.

When deciding where to go to college (the first time) I enrolled at a university that was both close to home and an easy choice. However, after a few months there I had a better understanding of college and what I wanted out of it. The university was a huge school with 30,000 undergraduates. One of my most vivid memories is walking past the professor of my favorite class and saying hello, only to realize she had no idea who I was since I was only one out of the four hundred students in her class.

That experience led me to desire small class sizes and I also wanted to be in a city that was easily accessible with a lot going on. These characteristics led me to Catholic University.Angelica Blog Photo 2

I appreciate Catholic so much more coming in as a transfer student than I would as a freshman. After going through the process of using the Common Application twice, and the stressful waiting period, it made me much more thankful and willing to take advantage of opportunities available to me.

I met one of my best friends at events for transfers during orientation week. The first week of classes we signed up for the newspaper together and two weeks after that we signed up for a Habitat for Humanity trip. Within my first month, I was treasurer of a club and had managed to find a group of fellow sophomores. By befriending people who already knew the school and the District it was easy to learn all the traditions at CUA like Capital Fest and Luaupalooza.

While sometimes it’s sad I’ll only have experienced two Mistletoe Balls and three Founders Day Balls, I really am thankful I came to CUA as a transfer student. While my previous university wasn’t the right school for me, there’s no doubt in my mind that my year there is what influenced me to take advantage of all the opportunities I could at Catholic.

Angelica is a senior Classics major in the School of Arts and Sciences. She’s from Paradise Valley, Arizona. Her favorite part about CUA is working for The Tower as a copyeditor and news editor.




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