My Summer in Oxford

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Oxford, England. Being home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford provides a great place to advance one’s academic career and quest for knowledge. I was affiliated with New College which is one of the 38 colleges of the University of Oxford. It is called New because it was “new” when it was established in 1379.

Charles Blog Photo
View of Oxford from New College’s tower

Instead of the typical seminar or discussion-based class, in Oxford you use the tutorial method. This means that once a week you meet with your tutor and they give you a prompt to research. The next seven days are spent camped out in the library. A brief summary of your findings is then presented to your tutor who will discuss, argue, and debate your paper with you. While rigorous, it is extremely rewarding. You choose which books and articles you want to read so it is a great way to learn about topics you want.

Our time in Oxford coincided with the end of Trinity Term which is celebrated with a Commemoration Ball every third year. Luckily, we were able to get tickets for this exciting event. It was a formal white-tie affair complete with multiple venues for music, food, and Victorian rollercoasters. The ball lasted all night and I had a great time celebrating the end of our study abroad with CUA and Oxford students.

The group I went with included eight other CUA students and a CUA professor. Over our six weeks, I made some lifelong friends, and our professor offered some great insight into the country. We regularly took excursions throughout England to make the most of our short time in the UK. As an economics major, being in Britain during the Brexit vote was absolutely amazing. I got to witness world history first-hand and discuss it in detail with my tutor. My time in Oxford was something I will never forget, and I am truly grateful to Catholic University for helping me get there.

Charles is a student of economics from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s entering his junior year at Catholic University. He served on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council for the Busch School of Business and Economics and is a member of the University Honors Program. He’s been using the Oxford comma long before his trip to the University of Oxford.



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