My Haircut with John McCain

I don’t know about you, but my biggest concern about going to college was where I would get my hair cut. For my entire life, I have been getting my hair cut by the same barber in Michigan. Never have I had to explain the type of trim I wanted; he always knew what I preferred. Upon being accepted to Catholic University in Washington, D.C., I was faced with a problem: where will I get my hair cut.

At first, I did my best to time my trips back home to the Great Lake State to coincide with my haircut schedule (every five weeks). However, as the semester progressed, and journeys home grew sparse, my plan started to fall apart. For days I ran around campus asking friends, and a few priests, where they got their hair cut in the DC area. My hair grew, and so did the pressure. After numerous recommendations — and horror stories — I resorted to the 21st century’s ultimate resource: the Internet.

Following many late hours scouring through Yelp page after Yelp page of reviews, I found a potential refuge from my troubles. That safe-haven was a particular barber shop on Capitol Hill frequented by members of Congress. I figured to myself, most of our senators and representatives have rather well trimmed scalps, and if it is good enough for them, it is certainly good enough for me. With great courage, I scheduled an appointment.

To get to the barber shop is no easy feat. It is well hidden in the basement of an office building on the Hill. In order to gain admission, it required passing through metal detector. Eventually, I found my way to this oasis of hair care and I was greeted by one of the fine gentlemen who works in this esteemed establishment. Explaining roughly what it was that I wanted, he went right to work. After a tense twenty minutes, he was done. The result was perfect. Being completely satisfied with my experience, I now regularly return to keep my hair follicles in check.

At this point, you are probably a bit disappointed there has been no reference to John Charles Blog Photo B.pngMcCain but be patient. Having gotten several trims on the Hill, I had yet to see any senators or congressmen. Only staffers were utilizing this hidden resource. However, one day, I was sitting in the chair getting my usual cut, when I noticed a white haired man enter the shop. My barber stood at attention and said, “Good afternoon, Senator McCain.” I was convinced I had misheard the man until I turned my eyes in his direction, and it was indeed Senator John McCain of Arizona. I could feel the adrenaline rush as he took a seat next to me. There I was getting my haircut next to an American war hero, accomplished civil servant, and former Republican Presidential Candidate.

It was just the Senator and me. He made polite small talk with his barber while I sat quietly in my chair. I could feel my pulse racing. Considering the many visits I make to this venue, any selfie or even a subtle Snapchat would violate the usual atmosphere of the barbershop. Therefore, I just took in the experience and all it had to offer.

Charles is a rising junior from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He studies economics in the Busch School of Business and Economics and is in the Honors program. He looks forward to getting his hair cut next to a Supreme Court Justice and the President before he graduates from Catholic University.


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