Why I Chose CUA


The Office of Undergraduate Admission mailed all decision letters for Early Action and Early Decision applicants TODAY! Find out why current senior, Jacqueline, chose CUA.


As soon as I stepped onto Catholic University’s campus, I was happy. I spent a lot of time visiting the colleges I had gotten into but never found myself feeling like any of them were ‘the one.’ I left with an emptiness, filled with doubt and sometimes even frustration. I was feeling frustrated because I thought I would LOVE each school I was visiting but was left with disappointment every time.

When I came to visit Catholic, I was not convinced I would feel different than any of the previous tours I had been on. I remember how kind everyone was and four years later, as a senior, I can even remember my tour guide! Her name was Stephanie and she was so sweet, smiling the entire time we walked throughout campus. She answered all one million of my parents’ questions and at the end of the day, I left my campus visit feeling SO happy. You know how people say when you find the right school, you have that feeling and you just know? Well that day, I knew.

Being a student here the past 4 years has made me realize why I chose Catholic and why more people should come visit campus. I couldn’t ask for a better location, with the city right at our fingertips to explore. How could I not love having the metro so easily accessible with no added bus ride or long walk, which was another reason why I loved CUA. CUA is so close to the heart of DC, with world class museums and amazing restaurants, which of course means we had the crème de la crème of internships and jobs.

The size of the school is complete perfection, as it is not too big where you’re lost in a sea of people, yet not so small that you pass the same people every day, twice a day. On tours, CUA is described as a ‘goldilocks campus,’ but I truly feel the size is just that. I often walk around campus, even as a senior, feeling like I have the opportunity to meet someone new every day.

Since enrolling at Catholic as a freshman, I joined the Cardinal Ambassadors to become a tour guide since Stephanie impacted my experience so positively. If I can make someone’s experience at CUA feel the way I did when I stepped foot on Catholic’s campus 4 years ago, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do—to help other high school seniors find their happiness.



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