A Plane to Spain: Virginia Studies Abroad

Hey there! My name is Virginia, and I’m a junior Media and Communication Studies major at Catholic from Houston, Texas. Junior year is a special time for many CUA students because it’s the most popular year to study abroad, and I will be fulfilling this lifelong dream of mine along as I travel abroad. January 15 marked the day that I journeyed to Madrid, Spain to live like the locals for the next four months and to (hopefully) improve, or mejorar, my Spanish. All of my classes will be in Spanish. I’m really looking forward to my classes on Madrid’s history and Spanish films. The road getting to this point has been long and included several months of planning, but now all I have left to do is get in on the adventure!

To say that I am excited would be a huge understatement. And to say that I’m not anxious would be a lie. But that’s the fun part! Last time I was in Spain, I was 12 years old, and I was traveling with six of my cousins and grandmother (whose family is from Spain).

This time around, I’m off on my own which will be interesting! I’m beyond excited to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s strange, I know. But the truth is I’ve been raised to be adventurous, and Catholic has only fostered this sort of mindset to prepare me for the world. I’ve learned how to meet people (shout out to you, freshman year!) and be adventurous (like, hopping on a Megabus to Philly for a half marathon), and I’ve learned about as much Spanish as I can through reading novels, writing papers, and speaking in class. So now I guess the natural next step is to just go. See ya later, America. It’s been real.

I will keep y’all posted on my whereabouts, adventures, and new buddies while abroad to give y’all a taste of what’s sure to be an amazing and unforgettable four months! Expect lots of pictures of tapas and paella!!

Hasta luego!


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