Flashback Friday: A CUA Inaugural Ball

Flashback Friday: One month ago, Program Board threw a presidential event for the student body. Here are the details from sophomore, Christian.

Washington, D.C., has been an interesting place to be these past few weeks. There is a new president in the White House and the inauguration that took place to swear him in was perhaps one of the most memorable days of this year. Many CUA students participated in the inaugural events on Friday January 20th, 2017, especially CUA politics majors with internships on Capitol Hill. The Program Board (our student events team here at CUA) wanted to add to the Inauguration festivities that were taking place all throughout the city by hosting their own Inaugural Ball! Program Board spent many months preparing for this event, looking for the best DJ and perfecting the menu. The idea behind the Ball is that CUA students are able to come together and celebrate this historic inauguration in a non-partisan atmosphere.

Set up for the event began at 3 in the afternoon for an 8pm start time. The entire Great Room of the Pryzbyla, the student center, was transformed with drapes over the walls and lighting to make it just as swanky as some of the Inaugural Balls that happen downtown. Before the event even started, we were receiving positive feedback. The first two people who came to the check in table came back two minutes later and told me that, “The food is great!” with compliments on the DJ streaming in all evening.

The theme of the event was that Warren G. Harding had just been elected and the Roaring Twenties were in full swing. Program Board handed out Warren Harding campaign pins to wear which added to the theme. It felt like everyone was celebrating the new administration of the 1920s. They played some new songs as well as some classics so every kind of music fan was pleased. The memory that will always stick out in my mind is when the DJ played a song by my favorite band AC/DC and my suitemates joined me on stage to sing it in front of the entire crowd. We proceeded to stay on stage for another 10 songs after that. My friends and I will always have pictures and memories from that night that we will cherish forever. Memories like that were created all across the audience for the night as the positive feedback continued to flow in after the event. I think it’s safe to say that everyone in attendance and on Program Board would say the night was a huge success, and despite the fact that all of us will graduate by the next CUA Inaugural Ball, we hope the tradition carries on!


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