Campus Ministry: A Community for Everyone

Hello, I’m Camilla and I’m a senior student minister. Student ministers are student staff of the Campus Ministry Office, who are assigned a residence hall on campus as a resource and connection between the residents of that hall and the Campus Ministry Office.  I currently work with first-year women in Regan Hall. During the first few weeks of the fall semester, I spent hours introducing myself to every resident of Regan Hall. I found myself repeating one sentence over and over when explaining what the Campus Ministry Office is: “There’s a place for everyone in Campus Ministry.”

I can point out opportunities for service projects and a time that fits anyone’s schedule for those who were involved in community service in high school and are

Vol pic 1a
Students volunteer regularly at Carroll Manor in NE D.C.

considering getting involved on campus. We have at least 50 opportunities every week, if not more, to do service on and off campus. Service opportunities include tutoring elementary school children at Beacon House, spending time with the elderly at Little Sisters of the Poor, or talking with those who are experiencing homelessness during the Homeless Food Runs (pictured above). For those looking for a community and a way to meet friends, I invite them to our Friday Night Events, weekly social outings, or University-sponsored get-togethers hosted by the student ministers. The first Friday Night of the year is traditionally Metro Madness, a high-energy scavenger hunt through all of DC that hundreds of first year students participate in. Some students come to Campus Ministry looking for deeper friendships, in which case Renew, a weekly small-faith sharing community, is the place to meet lifelong friends.

As I began my first year at CUA, I joined Gratia Plena, the women’s household on campus. Coming from an all-girls’ high school that I LOVED, I was craving sisterhood like that as I came to college. I was not disappointed; I found myself welcomed into a community of women of all years and majors. I was looking for ways to pray, to continue what I had learned through youth group and school retreats. I started praying at Wednesday praise and worship adoration and 9pm Mass on Sundays. I saw people from my classes and who lived in my hall, some who became my best friends.

I remember when making the decision to come to CUA and during orientation being nervous, thinking, “What if I don’t fit in?” or, “What if I don’t like it?” On the Saturday

Vol Pic 3
With multiple masses a day, you can catch one that fits your schedule. Above is a photo from a past Easter Vigil

night of Orientation, there was praise and adoration. I was in Caldwell Chapel that night and realized, as the music filled the chapel, that CUA was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was home. I did the math and I’ve been to about a hundred praise and worship adorations in my time at CUA. Each time, I am reminded that this is the place for me and that I am blessed with a supportive community that has helped me grow over these past four years, in everything but especially in my faith.



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