10 Tips for your Summer Before College

  1. Drive as much as possible

While living in D.C., you will never find yourself lacking transportation, but there is something to be said for being able to get in the car at night with your best friends to jam out to old classics. Take the time over the summer to take your younger siblings out to ice cream with the windows down and Bruce Springsteen blasting through your speakers.


  1.   Talk to your roommate

If you haven’t had the life-changing experience of living with another person in a relatively small space, work on your patience and communication. Talking to your roommate over the summer is a great way to learn what to expect when you meet for the first time during Orientation. This is the person you’re going to unintentionally cling to during Orientation week, and intentionally be really silly in front of when you’re both awake at 2 am cramming for finals, so get to know them. They could be your new best friend.


  1. Save Money

Now I know being thrifty with your cash toward the end of the summer can be difficult because it seems like you have a coffee date to say goodbye to every single person in your senior class, but slow down on the ventis and get creative with your goodbye hangouts. You’ll want to stash some money for all your upcoming adventures throughout your new city. In D.C., there are so many restaurants and shops to check out and you’re definitely going to want to do some exploring during the first couple of months.


  1. Learn to do Laundry

It’s guaranteed that if you call home during your first week of school to ask for help doing laundry you will never hear the end of it. If you don’t already know how, I recommend jumping in to help out this summer. When you get to school you’ll probably even end up helping other people on your floor (a great way to make a new friend).

Laundry gif


  1. Try coffee

One of the easiest ways to bond with your new friends during your first couple weeks is a quick coffee run. At Catholic, we have a solid representation of three Starbucks all within walking distance, and one is located right in the Pryzbyla Student Center on campus. Try coffee over the summer to see if it’s your thing; if not I highly recommend the ChickFilA lemonade as a pick me up when you’re starting to get sleepy during study sessions.



  1. Spend time with family

As cliché as it sounds, you will miss your family while you’re at Catholic. Lucky for us, D.C. has plenty of transportation options to get you home during breaks but in between you’ll miss your mom’s cooking or your annoying siblings and your dog for sure. Spend time with them and definitely don’t skip out on family dinners because in the end they are the only ones that understand the wonderful, crazy dynamic that is your family.


  1. Love your state

One of the coolest things about Catholic is that the student body comes from all over the fifty nifty United States and across the globe! In the first couple weeks here you begin to realize some of the funny phrases or restaurants that are a staple in your town are only native to your state. Take the time this summer to visit all the unique spots in your hometown and be prepared to give a synopsis of your lifestyle and get ready to learn about where your classmates grew up.



8 Flaunt your CUA gear

I know we all have the t-shirt we bought on tour or at Odyssey Day that was perfect for the Facebook or Instagram announcement but now it’s time to show off your new home. Let your family and friends feel your school spirit! There’s no better outfit for class than your fav CUA t-shirt.


  1. Decide who you want to be

College is an incredible chance to meet new people and make friends that have no idea who you were in high school. Don’t put on a fake face but also don’t be afraid to strive to be someone you’ve always aspired to be. Whether you want to take part in more service, challenge yourself in academics, or simply want to be the best dressed person on campus–go for it. Think about what you want your college experience to be and own it from day one.


  1. Don’t let August stress get to you

As the summer winds down some of your friends will start to head to their move in days and suddenly your Snapchat will be filled with new people and everyone from your high school will be living different lives. Don’t dwell on the goodbyes. Instead, prepare yourself for the best four years of your life. You’ll hear it time and time again, college is an amazing experience. Get ready for the rest of your life!


–Anna G.

Anna is a current sophomore from Glen Allen, Virginia and studies Politics.


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