The DC “Secret Menu”–The Exorcist Stairs

Secret Menu Bill ConnnoHey everyone! We’re Bill and Connor, and we’re the authors behind a new series called The D.C. ‘Secret Menu.’ We want to shed a little light on the not-as-well-known areas of Washington DC, so that way you can truly make the most out of your time here in the nation’s capital! This summer, we’ll be exploring some locally iconic spots, great places to get a bite to eat, and some other fun things to do during your stay.

Without further adieu, let’s go over our first venue! Are you a fan of the paranormal or a movie buff? You’re in luck if you’ve answered yes to either of those questions–there is a classic piece of movie history right under our noses here in DC! The Exorcist Stairs are a must-see! Washington, DC, is where the ever-classic 1973 film The Exorcist was filmed. Traversing the steps is an incredible experience, something that we feel is a can’t-miss during your time as a student in the District.

Exorcist Stairs-Side

To find your way to these movie-famous stairs, you’ll head over to the Georgetown neighborhood. Once there, you’ll walk down M street, past all the shops towards 36th Street NW. Once you get past all the shops, on the right side of the street you will see an Exxon gas station. Just before that gas station, the staircase will be located on your right, tucked in between an old industrial building and the Exxon.

While we were at the exorcist stairs, we had a great time recreating some of the different scenes from the movie. From pretending to fall down the stairs to an ungodly fate or ‘arriving’ to perform the exorcism on Regan MacNeil (played by Linda Blair), the movie’s twelve year old protagonist, it was great to be apart and recreate such an iconic movie!


The excitement doesn’t end there, though. In fact, The Exorcist also has some ties to Catholic University! Jason Miller, the actor who played Father Damien Karras–the priest who ultimately met an untimely fate as he fell down the stairs–is an alumnus of Catholic University as he received a graduate degree from the speech and drama department in 1964.



Thanks for reading our first blog post of the DC “Secret Menu” series. If you have any places in DC that you think should be included during our series, comment below and we’ll try and feature it!

Connor and Bill Stairs


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