Why Catholic: The Basketball Edition

Hey everyone! My name is Andrew and I am a junior here at Catholic University. I currently major in Business Management with a specialization in Sports Management. Also, I am a forward of the men’s basketball team.

My journey to Catholic began in my junior year of high school. Being from Orlando, it would have been easy for me to stay in the warm and sunny Florida weather. However, I wanted to pursue a challenge that was completely distant than what I was used to. I knew that if I were to go out of state for college, it would provide a totally new experience for me and that I would grow from it.

Ultimately, I was searching for a university in a location that could provide opportunities to advance my career along with the chance to play basketball. After researching potential schools, I came into contact with the coaching staff at Catholic. The ability to play basketball in one of the most powerful cities in the world was incredibly appealing, and I scheduled a campus visit in March of my junior year. On that sunny March day just three years ago, I fell in love with Catholic. Immediately upon arriving on campus I was surprised to see the amount of green space on campus. Although we are in the nation’s capital, Catholic isn’t a typical city school. We still get a real campus feel. This was refreshing to see, and it already felt like home to me. Meeting with the coaching staff at the Dufour Center only confirmed my desire to attend Catholic.

From my junior year all the way until fall of my senior year of high school, I was in constant communication with coaches at different colleges and universities, sending game highlights and updates on my season. However one staff in particular always stood out to me–the coaching staff at Catholic University. My family absolutely loved the opportunity for me to study in DC. Plus, the coaching staff at Catholic shared very similar values and beliefs, which was appealing to my parents and me. It was basically as if I were transitioning from one family to another. In mid-December, a week before Christmas, I committed to Catholic. I was so sure of my decision based upon one main factor–I knew that if the opportunity to play basketball were no longer an option, I would still love to remain a student at Catholic. This factor was crucial when making a decision, because it spoke to how well-balanced the community is. There are plenty of options to be involved around campus, and the opportunities that DC offers are limitless.   

My first two years as a student athlete have been nothing less than thrilling. The memories I’ve made in four semesters are enough to last a lifetime, and the bonds I have built with my teammates are tight enough that I consider them my brothers. Although it can be difficult at times to balance academics with my athletic schedule, I wouldn’t change a thing about my student athlete experience.


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