The D.C. “Secret Menu” Part 2 – Baked and Wired

Hey, everyone! Bill and Connor here, and we’re behind the DC Secret Menu, the hidden spots throughout Washington that should be on your radar. We figure it’s time to get down to an important part of our Secret Menu–the sweet stuff. But if you haven’t read our earlier blog post – be sure to check it out here!

If you are looking for that sweet treat or a delicious cup of coffee, Baked and Wired is your stop! This hangout has two separate counters, one for baked goods, the other for drinks. Baked and Wired’s specialty is their cupcakes, and they are very large and super filling–the best cupcake for your dollar! As a dessert choice or mid-afternoon snack, they are a must-have during your trip to DC.

Baked and Wired CuppiesAside from how massive these cupcakes are, what really sets them apart is their icing. It comes in various flavors which adds to the overall flavor profile of the cupcake. Two of our favorites are the “MOOcha” (chocolate cake with a chocolate espresso icing) and the “Razmanian Devil” (lemon cake filled with raspberry jam topped with a lemon buttercream icing). But Baked and Wired doesn’t just offer cupcakes–they also make cookies, pound cakes, brownies, biscotti, and treats for your dog! They have all of the baked goods your heart, and your pup’s, desires.

If you are looking to pair your baked treat with a hot or cold drink, Baked and Wired’s coffee counter is across the room from the cupcake counter. With a mountain of coffee varieties from a multitude of locally-sourced coffee companies that change out from season to season, the options are endless. Each cup is made to your order. If you’re not into coffee, our top recommendation is the chai tea latte.

DC Cupcakeries have been known to have wrap-around lines, so our strategy for tackling the best cupcake joint, Baked and Wired, is for one person in the party to wait in the cupcake line while another goes to the coffee counter. While the line at this cupcake hotspot isn’t as long as some of the others, you’ll cut back on how long you wait.

Baked and Wired is located down Thomas Jefferson Street NW in Georgetown. It’s tucked away on a quieter street, and is just over the canal so keep an eye peeled for the sign. Another great thing about Baked and Wired is their close location to the main dock of the Georgetown Waterfront. It is simply right down the street! Just keep walking down Thomas Jefferson St. once you get your cupcake and enjoy it while looking over the gorgeous view of the waterfront–the perfect recipe for an afternoon well spent!

Until next time,

Connor and Bill


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  1. Whoops. Darn auto correct. The above should have read, “and if you are peanut/tree nut allergic, check out Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown!”

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