Keeping Up with the Cardinals

Hey, guys! It’s your favorite blogger, Graceann, again!  I know that all of you are just counting down the days until you arrive at your new home in Brookland (#23daystomovein), and we can’t wait to have you here! But before you come, there are a few things that you should be keeping up with on social media to get to better know, not only on our campus, but all of DC. So open up your phones and get ready to download and follow all of these apps and accounts that will be handy for your beginnings at Catholic.

First up on my top suggestions are accounts to follow on social media. I’ve broken them down into two categories (Catholic U social media and then some DC accounts that I like to follow to be up on what’s happening in my city).

Catholic University Accounts (Instagram/Twitter) Since you are now a Cardinal, you definitely have to follow all of these Catholic U. accounts to stay in-the-know around campus.

  • @cuaadmission/@cuaadmission Since you applied and got into CUA, you absolutely have to follow our Admission page to keep up with everything about our upcoming class!
  • @cuaministry/@cuaministry — Campus ministry is a huge part of campus life. They sponsor social events like On Tap and Luaupalooza, bible study, retreats, and service projects every day of the week. Stay in the loop with their social media to know things like when Mass is offered and upcoming opportunities to actively grow with your faith.
  • @catholicuniversity/@catholicuniv — Follow this account to see beautiful landscapes of our campus or to learn more about major upcoming events that are happening in Brookland.
  • @cuaarchives/@cuaarchives — CUA Archives is an awesome account that transports you back decades with photos of Catholic and students since the beginning of our University!
  • @cuaactivities/@cuaactivities — Our Office of Campus Activities helps remind students of any events that will be taking place on campus, most of which are FREE!!
  • @cuacardinals/@cuacardinals — Want to hear more about how our 23 Division 3 sports are doing? Then follow along to find out about big games, tailgates, and any results that you might have missed!
  • @CUAgusgarvey — Keep up with Catholic’s favorite pooch on Twitter to see cute pics of Gus all over our campus.
  • @@cuarch — Check out the Instagram from Catholic’s very-own School of Architecture. It’s a great showcase for students’ work as well as the architecture of DC.

DC Accounts (Instagram)

  • @dcdining — Get to know our city more and explore different food locations that are posted on this awesome Instagram page.
  • @wethepeopledc — This Instagram account follows a different DC citizen each day to learn more about the people that live in the Nation’s Capital with you.
  • @smithsonian — Learn more about the Smithsonian and their free museums and exhibits located throughout the city.

Next up are some helpful apps you should download to your phone to make your transition to city life easier.

  • Transit — Get the Transit app to have to see how frequently Metro trains, buses, and other modes of transportation are running.
  • Uber/Lyft — Uber and Lyft are necessities to getting around the city especially if you’re going somewhere that isn’t easily accessible by Metro. And make sure you look out for coupon codes in the Pryzbyla Center to get discounts on your rides!
  • Rave Guardian — Rave is the app used around campus to ensure our safety.  This app will let you know of events happening in the area and about any possible dangers that might be near our campus. Catholic University is super safe, but keep in mind we are in a city, so it’s good to know what’s happening around you.
  • UberEats — Want some late night food delivered?  UberEats is the way to go with options to cover whatever you’re craving from Indian food to ice cream sandwiches!
  • The Catholic University of America — This is our own app that you will use to keep your Orientation Schedule straight and it has a map to make sure you never get lost on our campus. The map is super helpful the first week while you’re becoming familiar with the different buildings.
  • Groupme — Groupme is an app that allows you to create group messages for people with iPhones and Androids, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends from high school or your residence hall to borrow things or learn more about events that are taking place around campus.
  • Starbucks — Luckily we have a few Starbucks locations near our campus, and if you love caffeine like me, you’ll want to be sure to get some rewards by using the Starbucks app!
  • Venmo — Venmo is the app to use to pay your friend back instantly when you forget your wallet but want that Starbucks pick me up.

Hope you’re as excited as I am for the fall semester. C U soon, Cardinals!


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