From a College Senior to a High School Senior

Hey everyone!! We’re kicking off this summer with a blog post from our Senior Summer Assistants.  They have some pieces of wisdom they’d like to share from one “senior” to another. Here’s what we’ve learned along our ~journey~ …

“Be open to all opportunities that come your way! When I first started college, I had my four years mapped out: what I would do, what classes I would take, what internships I would apply for, etc. Instead, be open to spontaneous trips in the city, go see that band or comedian, take a class that’s out of your comfort zone. When looking back at your college experience, you don’t want to wish that you spent more time with friends or trying new things. You never know what opportunities await if you’re open to them!” 

– Connor S., Politics ‘19

“Don’t spend all of your time in your room FaceTiming your friends from home.  It’s important (and fun) to go out to campus events or participate in campus clubs to make NEW friends, that aren’t going to replace your old friends at all- they’ll still be there.  If you’re doing that you’ll also have so many fun stories to tell your friends for the times you do FaceTime!!”

– Erica L., Psychology ‘19

“Spend time, especially on the weekends, getting to see the city!  Take advantage of the Friday Night Events that the House puts on! They take you out into the city most Fridays during the year for free or for super cheap; you’ll go to Nats games, trampoline parks, Six Flags, Wizards games, Kennedy Center shows, and so much more.”

Alexis A., Nursing ‘19

“Talk to your professors: college professors offer such an amazing perspective on the courses they teach, and can not only offer one on one academic help but can also offer so many opportunities outside the classroom to get involved with what you’re interested in.”

Susie R., Social Work ‘19

“Cherish your friends during senior year. Don’t be the friend who separates themselves from the group. It’s easy to think that the separation will make saying goodbye easier, but in reality, it becomes harder. So remember to be present and enjoy every moment!”

Natali M., Psychology & Spanish for International Service ‘19

“Make the most of your time at home (with friends AND FAMILY), the memories you make in the  months before leaving are the ones that will stick with you the most.”

-Erica L., Psychology ‘19

“Along with your teachers, have your friends edit your college essays! They’ll help you sound genuine and authentic, which (hint hint) is great because you’ll stand out among other applicants.”

Natali M., Psychology & Spanish for International Service ‘19

“Appreciate the moments you have with your sports teams, theater cast & crew, band, choir or orchestra friends at rehearsals, performances or games.That goes for coaches/directors/conductors too!!”

Alexis A., Nursing ‘19

There ya have it, remember everyone is different and it takes time to get used to college life.  Take these to heart, BE YOU, and you’ll do just great!!!

Much Love,

Your College Seniors (yikes)

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