Work it Wednesday: Non-Profit

For me, going to Catholic University is all about opportunities. Living in Washington, D.C. opens up limitless doors for students of all majors. Between sophomore and junior years, I interned at the Department of Treasury, but this summer as I begin my third internship experience, I’m trying something a little different.

I am working at a private, non-profit called Swanee Hunt Alternatives, which works to end human trafficking and influence women to become more involved in politics. Unlike at the Department of Treasury, the staff is very small which gives me the opportunity to get to know everyone and feel like part of a team. Something I really love about this position is that I am not just sitting at a desk answering phones, I am doing actual research.

On my first day, I was given a work laptop and an access card to the building. To me, this was already a great sign that my supervisors trusted me. They trust all of their interns to do dedicated work and be members of a team, not just watch from the sidelines. Through this internship, not only are my research skills improving, but I know that I am getting to contribute to a positive cause. 

I’m looking forward to an eventful summer with Swanee Hunt! Keep an eye out for more awesome internship and job experiences from my classmates.

–Mack B.

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