Work it Wednesday: Start-Up

At the end of the semester when students are packing up dorms, saying final goodbyes, and taking the road trip home, there are students at Catholic U. that turn right back around and move in for the summer! There is nothing better than a summer internship in the city, especially when you have the option to live on or off campus.

One Catholic U. student taking advantage of everything D.C. has to offer this summer is Grady Connolly, a rising junior majoring in Business Strategy, Management, and Operation with minors in Entrepreneurship and Theology. Grady lives right across the street from campus and works for a start-up company in Alexandria, VA called TipYo. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Grady is the ideal candidate to handle Marketing for this start-up. In addition Grady is a Co-Director of VHacks, an organization that partners with the Vatican to empower students to work with NGO’s to find solutions to issues in their respective fields. As a Co-Director, Grady will be traveling to Paris for a week during the summer to participate and manage this conference!

There are hundreds of great summer opportunities around D.C. and even right on campus at Catholic for students to get involved in. Not only do students get to gain experience here over the summer, there are always fun ways to enjoy the city after work. Stay tuned this summer to hear more about the amazing students working here and all the fun free activities they attend in the District!

–Anna G.

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