Business Majors Get Crafty!

Hey everyone! My name is Mitchell and I am a junior, studying Business Management here at Catholic University. This past week, I was involved in the Busch School of Business’ Summer Business Institute. This program offers high school students an opportunity to get a feel for a college campus, meet new people from all over the country, and experience what it’s like to go to a school in the Nation’s Capital, all while getting some great business knowledge.

During the Summer Business Institute, students stayed for a week in one of our suite-style residence halls and each day we would tackle a new activity within the field of business. Throughout the week, we listened to a number of guest speakers and visited various sites along the National Mall. Take a look below at some of our awesome activities!

sbi 2

Similar to Shark Tank, each group  designed, created, and pitched a project to our “shark tank investors” at the end of the week. Each day we had time to work in our groups and on the final day we presented. 

sbi 3

We spent one afternoon playing kickball and eating lunch at the National Mall. Before we left, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to gather for a group photo with the beautiful sunset in the background!

sbi 4

 After mass in the Basilica, the camera caught me once again. This time, I was enjoying some barbecue brought to us by Cardinal Catering. Yum!

sbi 5

With the competition surrounding us in the background, my group stayed focused on the task at hand: constructing a winning project! 


Who said business majors don’t know how to party!? Catch me in the light blue button down on the right boogying down on the dance floor at the Heritage Hall Dinner & Dance. 

Another year of SBI in the books!

–Mitchell W.

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