Work It Wednesday: Post-Grad

Ever wonder what happens after college? What jobs are really out there? Well, here’s a look at one recent graduate and the cool job he got after leaving Catholic!

After graduating Catholic University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Patrick Walsh was hired by Advanced Technologies and Research as a summer contractor at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. He is working on a project that aims to understand how sound travels over the ocean. This project has deep seeded roots in our Mechanical Engineering Department.

Patrick will be using an older model that evaluates how sound travels over land to create a newer transmission model to observe how sound travels over water surfaces. He is putting his classroom experience into action! Principles he learned in the classroom, from coding to System Dynamics, now help him succeed in his new job.

The job has also been a learning experience for Patrick. “Every day I encounter something new and unexpected,” he said. He was uncomfortable at first getting used to the fast-paced, high demands of the project, but now a month into the internship, Patrick is pleased to have stuck with it, saying he has learned very fast since the beginning of the summer.

patrick 2 This has been a long-standing project for the Mechanical Engineering Department at Catholic University. Over the last four years, Professors Turo and Vignola have worked on this newer model that excels at understanding how sound travels over open water. 

Patrick says, “The school’s familiarity with the problem has been extremely beneficial, it has given me a solid foundation and a source of guidance as I work on this summer project.” We can’t wait to see where this project takes Patrick next. Stay tuned to hear more about where Catholic U. students and alumni are putting their degrees to work!

–Sarthak R.

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