Work It Wednesday: Hard Hats On!

Meet Kaitlin Shanahan, a civil engineering major, former orientation coordinator, member of the President’s Society, and Student Government Association vice president! Needless to say, Kaitlin is an incredibly involved student on campus during the school year, but this summer she’s working off-campus at Balfour Beatty as a Project Engineering Intern. 

At her internship, Kaitlin is tackling an apartment building with retail and office spaces. She works both in the office and on site, so she can often be found walking up 14th street with her hard hat and work boots. As an intern Kaitlin is responsible for reading plans, keeping up-to-date with necessary computer programs, and interacting with subcontractors. 

kaitlin 2

How did Kaitlin get such an awesome opportunity, you ask? At the annual Fall Career Fair held on campus at Catholic U! Every year, over 90 employers gather at our Pryzbyla Student Center to meet with students, conduct interviews, and in Kaitlin’s case, hire interns for the summer.

Not only did Kaitlin use the resources provided by our Center for Academic and Career Success to find her internship, she also utilizes the experience from her engineering classes on a daily basis while on the job. Last semester she took a Construction Management and Economics class that gave her “an edge over other people” because she has already learned daily intern tasks such as cost estimation and project scheduling.

We wish Kaitlin luck as she enters her senior year!

–Anna G.

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