Work It Wednesday: Bringing the Heat

Jesse Perez Williams is a recent graduate from The School of Engineering here at Catholic University. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently interning with Advanced Technology and Research, a contractor at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, while simultaneously completing his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Currently, Jesse is working on his thesis project regarding the detection of structural anomalies in frescoes (paintings done in watercolor on wet plaster so that the colors seep into the plaster and become permanent as they dry) in the U.S. Capitol Building using a thermographic technique. Basically, he will heat the walls of the Capitol and check if anything is wrong with them. This thermographic process will help him identify abnormally hot or cold areas on a surface, which can indicate structural defects such as cracks.

jesse 2

Jesse says that he is “extremely excited to be working on such a unique and interesting project,” and is thankful for the help and guidance he has gained along the way.

The only thing Jesse may soon struggle with, however, is his sleep schedule! He’ll have to pull night shift at the Capitol since the Senate is in session. He’ll have company though– Catholic U. professors Dr. Vignola and Dr. Turo will be there working with the walls as well!

–Sarthak R.

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