Food and Fun Friday: Crowd Pleaser

Summer in D.C. means lots of time for finding great food and fun (usually free!) activities. Follow our Food and Fun Friday posts to get the best recommendations from our students!

Looking for a fun and unique place to eat downtown? Farmers & Distillers is my go-to place to take anyone who comes to visit me in D.C. It’s a lively, farm-to-table restaurant located in Chinatown that serves a mixture of American comfort food and Chinese dishes.


I’m always excited to try something new and this week I got ribs with Chinese fried rice and it was so good that we ended up ordering more of the fried rice to-go! This is definitely the place to take picky or indecisive eaters.


Some freshly made donuts make the perfect sweet treat to grab on the way out after dinner (and get some extra to enjoy for breakfast the next day too!) If you’re not near Chinatown, Farmers & Distillers has two very popular sister restaurants in different parts of D.C. with even more exciting options to try. 

Have a great weekend!

–Caroline C.

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