Our Top 5 Residence Haul

With vacations, summer jobs, and internships coming to a close it’s time to grab all your last minute residence hall supplies before move in day! No matter how many lists you make, on move in day we all inevitably forget one or two things. Don’t worry, we have plenty of stores nearby you can always find what you need. Our students have put together a list of some of our favorite residence hall essentials to help with the packing list! Here are our top five picks: 
1. Comfy foldable chair–For our first year students there are plenty of upcoming events for you to meet tons of new people! One of my favorite things to do freshman year was invite people to hang out in the room before or after events. It’s always nice to have plenty of seating for everyone, and a chair that folds up can be stored right behind a desk or under your bed.



2. Command strips…oh so many command strips–Whether it’s pictures, tapestries, hats, or posters command strips are a necessity for hanging all your fun decorations. If you run out (which happens all the time) you can run over to the bookstore and restock!


3. Water pitcher–Always a great addition to your room, if you decide to bring or rent a refrigerator it’s nice to not have to leave your room to refill your water bottle or make your cup of coffee in the morning. There are also water bottle stations around campus so you can stay hydrated!

4. Rug–Definitely not on the top of everyone’s list, but having a rug in the room is always a nice touch. It gives you more space for people to sit, plus they’re super cozy!



5. A doorstop–For our incoming first year students the residence halls are a great place to meet new friends. One easy way to meet people is leaving your door open while you’re hanging out!



Those are just a few of our residence hall essentials! If you have any questions about move in, first year students can always reach out to your Orientation Advisor or our Housing Services office. We can’t wait for everyone to be back on campus! 


– Anna G, Caroline C, Nico M, Graceann S, and Mitchell W

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