The Washington Mystics Won Their First Championship and I Was There

Hi, I’m Mitchell, a student in the Busch School of Business and a passionate fan of Washington, D.C. sports. If you followed our blog throughout the summer, you’ve already read about how much I love Washington’s WNBA team, the Mystics. Well, this past week, I watched history happen as the Mystics won their first Championship in franchise history!

Out of the 20-something games I attended this summer, last Thursday’s game was the most fulfilling by far. What’s a better way to top off a historic season than with a championship trophy? After being knocked out in the finals last year, the motto for the Mystics this year was to “Run It Back,” and I’d say they did just that.

Being able to celebrate the championship in the home arena with all the awesome fans was a surreal experience (not to mention actually holding the trophy) and I will never forget seeing the confetti shoot into the air as I had imagined it in my head so many times before. All season long we, the fans, believed the Mystics were the best team in the league, and we proved that with our effort on Thursday night! Go Mystics! #RunItBack 

–Mitchell W.

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