Work it Wednesday: Last Shot, Make it Count!

Hi everyone! My name is Anna, I’m a senior politics major and currently interning for Capstone LLC located in Washington D.C. One of the amazing things about Catholic is the internship opportunities our students have because of our location. Throughout my time as a student here, I have tried my best to take advantage of these opportunities by gaining experience in various fields of politics. Since freshman year, I have worked for political campaigns, local government offices at home, on Capitol Hill, for the European Union, and finally for a policy analysis firm in D.C. 

I began applying for jobs over the summer heading into the fall semester. Our Center for Academic and Career Success uses a fantastic website called Handshake that compiles job and internship openings in the area. I applied online and received a call back from a Catholic U. Alum who works at Capstone. (Always nice to have a friendly face in an interview!) 

At Capstone, I am a member of the Outreach team. Going in, I had no idea what my role consisted of, and am still continuously learning. I work with a small team to research expert contacts both domestically and internationally to connect with our team of experts to gain the best research possible for our clients. 

With about a month left at this internship, I can confidently say this has been the most challenging, but most rewarding, internship position I have held. I had a lot to learn about this company and the work they do, but this experience has been the most reflective of what a future job will be. This is my seventh internship, and up until this point I had ruled out some of the work I have done for my lack of interest. This internship has helped me find a career field I enjoy that challenges me on a daily basis. 

I truly believe the internships I have held during my academic career have prepared me for the challenges I’ll face after graduation. I feel confident entering into the workforce with actual work experience, and a fantastic support system from Catholic U! 

–Anna G.

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