Get Involved: The Tower

Hi everyone! My name is Noelia and I’m a sophomore media and communications major. One of my favorite parts about being a Catholic U. student is my involvement with The Tower. On The Tower, Catholic U.’s independent student newspaper, I am both a writer and editor for the Arts and Entertainment section. (AKA–I get to learn a lot about the fine and performing arts in D.C. and here on campus!)

The Tower is one of our oldest traditions since it was founded way back in 1922. Being part of The Tower staff has turned this school into a home for me. I’ve met most of my best friends through writing for the paper and have learned a lot along the way! As a writer, I love to get off campus and write museum reviews or report on fun events in the city. 

The Tower caters to a lot of specific interests for student writers (and readers), whether those interests be in politics, sports, health and lifestyle, campus news, or – in the best section – Arts and Entertainment. The newspaper also has a section called The Quill for students outside of our staff to write opinion pieces.

The Tower is a platform for all students to sharpen their writing skills, voice their opinions, and stay connected with the campus community–what a great tradition to keep alive!

Not a writer? Well, we also have photographers, cartoonists, business managers, social media managers, and so much more! There is something for everyone.

Overall, The Tower is a great way for students to get involved and build lasting friendships here on campus. I’m excited to see what stories we will dive into this semester! If you want to follow along and stay updated on all the campus news, visit The Tower’s website:

–Noelia V.

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