Remembering Ireland

Hi, my name is Abby. I’m a senior history major here at CU. I’ve done a lot of cool things during my academic career, but my favorite to talk about is my trip to Ireland!

As a student at Catholic University, there are hundreds of opportunities to study abroad. Students have options for full-semester fall or spring programs, or can take part in a summer abroad program for just a few weeks. There is something for everyone when it comes to taking your education off-campus!

For me, the program that piqued my interest was the Irish Summer Institute program, which takes place for five weeks between May and June. The immersive program includes travel to different regions in Ireland to study Irish culture, language, and history. What better place to learn about those things than in Ireland herself!

Having previously studied the Irish language at Catholic through the Department of Modern Languages, I was very excited to be able to go to the Irish speaking region and test out my skills. Seeing an American student who was willing to take the time to learn such a unique language definitely impressed the locals that I met!

My time in Ireland this past summer was one of the best times in my life, and for anyone interested in Ireland, Irish history, or are just looking for an excuse to travel to Ireland, this program is for you! It is an amazing opportunity offered by Catholic University and this experience will remain with me for the rest of my life.

–Abby A.

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