CU on the Ice

Hi, I’m Mack, a senior politics major and economics minor here at Catholic.

Even though I’m in my last year at Catholic, I’m still finding new ways to have fun! Recently, my friends and I took a trip to the Fort Dupont Ice Arena in Southeast D.C. to watch the Catholic University club hockey team play one of their last home games of the season against Salisbury University.

After gathering for dinner, my friends and I split an Uber to the arena. Between the five of us, it was just as inexpensive as taking the metro, and it only took about twenty minutes to get there from campus. Since the ice arena is off-campus, we were surprised to hear so many students there that were cheering Catholic on! It was so much fun seeing all of our classmates supporting the hockey team.

The game was a real nail-biter. Catholic and Salisbury were tied 3-3 at the end of the game and had to go into overtime.

Unfortunately, Salisbury ended up winning, but Catholic put up a good fight and it was definitely one of the most exciting sport games that I have been to as a Catholic U. student. Let’s see what fun I can get into next!

–Mack B.

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