Is it Summer Yet?

Hi everyone my name is Sam and I am a sophomore biology major from Long Island, NY! One of my favorite experiences at Catholic so far was my role as an Orientation Advisor (OA) this past fall. As an OA, I worked with 79 other enthusiastic students to welcome the class of 2023! Orientation allowed me to make new friends from a variety of majors, learn more about Catholic U, and help new students get excited to live in their new home!

My own Orientation in 2018 was an exciting experience. I was anxious about moving away from my hometown and entering a school where I didn’t know anyone. I was welcomed with open arms by my Orientation Advisors and had four days of fun activities, excursions downtown, and time with my new classmates. After my amazing experience as a first-year student, I knew I wanted to be a part of the crazy, enthusiastic, red polo-clad students that helped me with my transition into college.

At the end of my freshman year, I applied and was selected to be an Orientation Advisor for 2019! During training I got to know my fellow OA’s and we trained to welcome the Class of 2023. It was easily one of the most fun weeks on campus as we explored D.C. and met new students. I cannot wait for this August so I can welcome the class of 2024 and don the red polo again!

–Sam M.

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