My Virtual College Routine

Hi, I’m Meghan, a politics major from Pennsylvania. It has been a weird semester for students all over the country, but we’re making it work! Here’s what a day in the virtual classroom looks like for me.

In the morning I wake up and make myself some coffee in my Washington D.C. mug (of course) and do some work before my first online class. Most of my classes are virtual lectures held at the same time as my regular courses so it is super easy to keep a nice schedule throughout the week.

When it’s warmer later in the day, I go and sit outside on my patio and enjoy the nice weather while working on one of my many papers. Since I also have to keep up with workouts with the Rowing team (but no erg at home), I go on runs and do workouts for a nice break from doing school work after my morning classes!

After this, in mid afternoon, I’ll probably go for a Starbucks or Dunkin run and get back to any home work I have for the following day!

At night, my friends and I have weekly Zoom or Google Meets to keep in touch like we normally would at Catholic! We’ve had lots of birthday celebrations and meetings held virtually. They’ve all gone off without a hitch! Besides missing campus, online learning has easily become a normal part of my daily routine at home. Hope the end of your semester is going just as well!

–Meghan W.

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