Social Work: Why Catholic?

When you step onto the campus of The Catholic University of America, you will be immersed in a community like no other.  Since my first visit during Odyssey Day 2014, I knew Catholic would soon become a second home. As far as my choice to pursue a career in social work, I felt connected to... Continue Reading →

How to have an Inter(n)esting Summer

Internships are a huge aspect of life at Catholic University. Hear from Anna G., a resident of Northern Virginia and a sophomore at Catholic U. studying politics, on her experience and advice on searching for internships. One cold afternoon in February I sat in the stacks of the library on campus and began my search... Continue Reading →

The Busch School Ethics

One of the first times that I visited Catholic University and the Busch School of Business and Economics, I received a t-shirt, which had a quote on the back that I will never forget. The quote was from Pope Francis’ Laudato Sì, where he stated, “Business is a noble vocation,” (129). Upon joining the Busch School... Continue Reading →

Melbourne Reflections

I can't believe that after four months, my time in Melbourne is coming to an end. I remember the first day when I landed at the airport and moved into my apartment as if it were yesterday, and in a couple of weeks I will be doing that same 26-hour traveling experience all over again. These... Continue Reading →

Why Catholic: The Psychology Edition

At the expense of revealing myself as a super nerd, I’ll admit that I’ve had the same professional goals since I was in middle school. From the days of awkward haircuts, braces, and horrific plaid uniforms, I’ve known that my dream is to earn my PhD in clinical psychology, and one day open my own... Continue Reading →

Why I Chose CUA to Study Theology

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked, “Why Catholic University?” since I made my college decision last year. “Because I want to study theology.” This usually springs a second question: “Why theology?” I think I have to answer both questions at once. Growing up right outside of D.C., I always knew how... Continue Reading →

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