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Why I Love Orientation

They say if you want to live your best life, wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. For me, the outfit that makes me feel like I’m living my best life is a red polo and khakis. There’s just something about that “Jake from State Farm” look that really gets me going. That, and waking up at the crack of dawn to put … Continue reading Why I Love Orientation

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New Place Like Home

Some students who travel far away for college can say, “There’s no place like home,” but when reminiscing on her transition, first year student Jeanne Marie shares how DC has transformed into her ‘new place like home.’ Read as she shares exactly what it’s like to be a local student at Catholic. Catholic University is closer to my house than the high school I attended. I … Continue reading New Place Like Home

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Easter on Campus

Have you ever considered what campus life over a University holiday would be like, if you couldn’t return home for the break? Catholic University hosts many students over short breaks, who aren’t able to make it home or who choose to stay in Washington, D.C. Hear about one student’s time on campus over Easter break! This year, I decided to stay on campus for Easter … Continue reading Easter on Campus

The Distance Question: Why I left AZ to Study in DC

When I moved into my first dorm at CUA (go Gibbons!), I had never before stepped foot on the campus. I came from Phoenix, Arizona, a full five-hour flight and 2,295 miles from Washington, D.C. I chose CUA based on the research I had done online and I had no idea what to expect when the taxi my parents and I took from the hotel … Continue reading The Distance Question: Why I left AZ to Study in DC