Carefree Commuting

Hi everyone, it's Fatima! Here's a shout-out to all my fellow students in the commuter community! It can be tricky sometimes, so here are a few trip-tips to make your transition to Catholic easier and more efficient. Find the best method of transportation for your schedule For my first year at Catholic, I decided to... Continue Reading →

A little Coffee Goes a Long Way

Hi everyone! My name is Meghan and I’m a senior politics major with a Hispanic studies minor and a certificate in intelligence studies! I have a pretty busy schedule with classes, clubs, and the rowing team, so believe me when I say, “A Little Coffee Goes a Long Way!" First up is Starbucks! We have... Continue Reading →

Find Your Resources in Leahy Hall

Hi everyone, Rajhad here! For new students who want to get to know campus before arriving in August, one place to take note of is Leahy Hall. Leahy Hall holds a few key resources for students to use at Catholic. Most people know this building as the home of two very important 24-hour services for... Continue Reading →

Fun for Free

Hey everyone, Sam here again! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite things in D.C.: the Smithsonian museums! The Smithsonian museums are free to enter and only a quick metro ride away from campus. Also almost all the museums are right next to each other so you can spend a day exploring... Continue Reading →

Hands On in Mechanical Engineering

Hello everyone, Leo here! Today I am going to talk about why I chose to study engineering at Catholic. Since I was in middle school, I have known that I want to be a mechanical engineer. I have always been interested in solving problems, learning about cars, planes, and pretty much every other thing that... Continue Reading →

Quick Tips For Metro

Hi everyone, Fatima here! I am a commuter student from Riverdale, MD and a rising sophomore. As a commuter, the Metro is so important to me because it gets me to campus every day for classes! So if you’re new to D.C. and haven’t taken the Metro yet, I’ve got a few great tips to... Continue Reading →

Stories From a “Hill-tern”

Hi everyone, Sam here! Today I want to tell you a bit about the advantages of attending school in Washington, D.C. Catholic is located in northeast D.C. and provides easy access to great museums, restaurants, and internship opportunities. As the nation’s capital, D.C. is especially exciting for anyone interested in politics. This week I talked... Continue Reading →

My Summer Internship (From Home!)

Hi everyone, I'm Gemma Del Carmen from Arlington, Texas! I am a junior politics and psychology major with both Spanish and theology minors here at Catholic U. I work for Respond Crisis Translation, a Latina female-owned nonprofit that provides their network of volunteer translators to migrants, refugees, and anyone experiencing language barriers.  I chose this... Continue Reading →

Picking Your Next Favorite Class

School just ended, but it’s already time to start thinking about next semester’s classes. Consider adding a foreign language course to the list, it could be your next favorite class! Students enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences here at Catholic take at least two foreign language classes at the intermediate level. My freshman... Continue Reading →

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