Senior Year Reflection

So this is it. My last and final posting on the blog. When I looked ahead on the blog calendar, this post seemed so far away. I thought to myself, “When this blog comes along, I will be graduating. I will have my life planned, and I will be leaving CUA…..I hope this takes a long time to get here.” To no one’s surprise the … Continue reading Senior Year Reflection

Junior Year Reflection

Wow! This year is quickly coming to a close and I really cannot believe it. What a year it has been. There were no shortages of learning experiences this year and amazing memories made. This year symbolized big change in my life and also brought me one year closer to being a college graduate (don’t mind me as I sob on my keyboard). Having a … Continue reading Junior Year Reflection

Freshman Year Reflection

I’ve probably said this before but I really can’t say it enough: I cannot believe that freshman year is almost over! The year flew by so fast. I feel like I have learned so much in the past year and grown tremendously. First and foremost, academically, I’ve learned a lot. Of course, college is more work but it pushes you in all of the best … Continue reading Freshman Year Reflection

Odyssey Day Sneak Peek & Tip

To gain some inspiration for this blog about Odyssey Day, I decided to Google the definition of Odyssey. To say the definition applies to this day is quite an understatement: “Odyssey [od–uh-see] a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences.” Coming to Odyssey Day here at Catholic will be the beginning of your four year “adventure” which will absolutely be … Continue reading Odyssey Day Sneak Peek & Tip

Odyssey Day Memories

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since my college decision process. It feels like just yesterday everyone I knew was asking me where I was going to school. It was a stressful time filled with lots of tours, which I won’t lie, began to blend together. However, at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s … Continue reading Odyssey Day Memories

Why CUA?

Choosing a college is probably one of the most exciting things an individual can do in his or her life. There are so many factors in choosing the place that you will call home for four years and the process and experience can often be overwhelming. For me, CUA was a no-brainer. When visiting colleges, I had a few criteria in which I gauged how … Continue reading Why CUA?

Adjusting to Freshman Year

I cannot believe that there is less than a month and a half left of my first year in college! The time is flying by and I will admit that I am a little sad that my freshman year is coming to a close. The year was very exciting, full of new adventures and lots of “first times.”  Catholic has transformed from a place that … Continue reading Adjusting to Freshman Year