From a College Senior to a High School Senior

Hey everyone!! We’re kicking off this summer with a blog post from our Senior Summer Assistants.  They have some pieces of wisdom they’d like to share from one “senior” to another. Here’s what we’ve learned along our ~journey~ … "Be open to all opportunities that come your way! When I first started college, I had... Continue Reading →

Why I Chose CUA

As a fourth year tour guide, I have been asked many times, “Why should I come to CUA?” or possibly, “What makes CUA special?” No matter whom you ask the answer will always be different. Personally, I think the best thing about CUA is the versatility it provides. Here you can take the time to... Continue Reading →

The Introduction

"Hello my name is Matthew and I am a Media Studies Major from Wilmington Delaware" is something I have said A LOT during my first three years as a CUA student, but I would imagine this holds true for most Universities. It's your introduction, at least in the formal sense, and there are no shortages... Continue Reading →

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