Food and Fun Friday: Go Mystics!

Summer in D.C. means lots of time for finding great food and fun (usually free!) activities. Follow our Food and Fun Friday posts to get the best recommendations from our students!

One of the perks of living in a city like D.C. is the ample amount of sporting event opportunities. As a passionate sports fan, I’m always looking forward to the next game. Last night, I attended a home game at the brand new facilities for the Washington Mystics, the WNBA team here in the nation’s capital.

mystics 2

I’ve been to seven games so far this summer and I can’t wait for the playoffs to start! (Last year we made it to the finals!!) A huge plus to being a Mystics fan is that there is a metro stop right across from the new arena. Having the Brookland-CUA metro stop right by to campus makes it so easy to get to and from my favorite teams’ games. 

mystics 3

You just can’t beat the view from these seats. And with a 91-78 win last night, I couldn’t be happier! Go Mystics!

–Mitchell W.

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