D.C. For Free: The National Zoo

The National Zoo is the QUEEN of all free D.C. activities in my opinion.  It is super simple to get to from Catholic U (just take the red line metro from campus to the Woodley Park station) so it's great for a day trip!  This past weekend, with my friend visiting from home and rare... Continue Reading →

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Cardinals at Work

Nobody wants to be a broke college student--you need money for things like bus trips to New York City, new shoes, pizza, the list goes on and on. So while it is great to find all of the free activities on campus and around D.C., it’s still nice to have a little extra cash for... Continue Reading →

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No Car? No Problem!

There’s a million perks to going to school in the middle of D.C.  The metro can bring you anywhere in the city: from national monuments and Smithsonian museums to festivals and incredible restaurants. One of the more underrated adventures you can go on is a simple trip to the grocery store with friends (pro tip:... Continue Reading →

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D.C. for Free: Summer Screen

Hey lovers of fun and adventure! If you are like any college student in America, you love free things, and let me tell you, D.C. is full of them! Yesterday my friends and I were thinking of something fun to do and Googled “events in D.C. tonight” and this result popped up: So naturally, we... Continue Reading →

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So You Were Born in 2001?

With the new school year quickly approaching, many rising high school seniors are preparing to begin their all-important college applications (the CommonApp opens August 1st!). If you’re one of these students, there is a good chance that you were born in the year 2001. Other than you joining the world, what was happening that year?... Continue Reading →

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Making the Most of a Campus Visit

As a prospective college student, I toured close to 30 universities, so I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on campus visits. Here are the most important things I learned about making the most of a campus visit: Schedule a formal campus tour with the Office of Admission! Walking around a campus on... Continue Reading →

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From a College Senior to a High School Senior

Hey everyone!! We’re kicking off this summer with a blog post from our Senior Summer Assistants.  They have some pieces of wisdom they’d like to share from one “senior” to another. Here’s what we’ve learned along our ~journey~ … "Be open to all opportunities that come your way! When I first started college, I had... Continue Reading →

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Finding My Home Away from Home

Four years ago in April, I was in the midst of one of the biggest changes in my life. My mom had dropped the bomb that we were going to pick up and move from our home in New Jersey to a new town in Massachusetts. I was less than happy. I was already worried... Continue Reading →

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D.C’s Favorite Holiday

Hi all, this is Paige, your friendly Campus Visit Assistant! If you’ve visited Catholic University for a tour within the last year, chances are we’ve met. As a 2017 graduate of Catholic U., I’m always looking for a good opportunity to reconnect with my former classmates. Luckily for me, many of the friends I made... Continue Reading →


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