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Taking Flight: CUA Nursing

Hi, I’m Peggy and I’m a senior nursing major at CUA! Being a student at CUA, I often hear, “You have so many great opportunities available to you.” In all honesty, we do! We have incredible internship opportunities, and as a nursing major, I do clinical work at world-renowned hospitals just down the street. One of the best parts about being a student in DC … Continue reading Taking Flight: CUA Nursing

Virginia in Spain

Greetings from Madrid! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I arrived in Spain, but throughout this time, I’ve solidified my love for this country and this city. The food is incredible and the activities are endless, and I am certainly improving my Spanish. So let’s catch up! First of all, the food! Let’s just say that I am not struggling to eat … Continue reading Virginia in Spain

Alexis Down Under: A Nursing Student Abroad

I AM GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!! I am studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia, this semester and I could not be more excited. From the moment I applied to CUA’s Nursing School, I knew that I wanted to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities that they offer to nursing students. Many nursing programs do not offer study abroad because the curriculum is so structured and specific. … Continue reading Alexis Down Under: A Nursing Student Abroad

President’s Society

I first found out about President’s Society through my fellow Resident Assistants sophomore year. They were members of President’s Society that year and these seniors had name tags and prestigious blazers that were different from any other student organization that I have seen on campus. That alone was enough to pique my curiosity for the Society. I had gone on to learn that President’s Society, in … Continue reading President’s Society

Christmas at Catholic

In case you did not know, the Christmas season is in full bloom – or should I say full blizzard? Either way, at The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., Christmas, and the holiday season, is kind of a big deal. 1. On the First Day of CUA celebration, holiday decorations invade campus: A wreath above every door, Christmas trees in every building, and … Continue reading Christmas at Catholic

Why I Chose CUA

The Office of Undergraduate Admission mailed all decision letters for Early Action and Early Decision applicants TODAY! Find out why current senior, Jacqueline, chose CUA. ____________________________________________________ As soon as I stepped onto Catholic University’s campus, I was happy. I spent a lot of time visiting the colleges I had gotten into but never found myself feeling like any of them were ‘the one.’ I left with … Continue reading Why I Chose CUA